Dave (kupachabra) wrote in do_it_up,

Who here has seen The Apex Theory in concert?

I saw them with Alien Ant Farm last November...
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Saw them twice. First time with Linkin Park, second time at a summer fest thing [Sevendust was the main band for that]. They rocked both times. They were wayyyy too awesome with the crowd, who generally didn't know who the fuck they were. Andy actually mocked some random hater in the crowd who was giving them the finger. It was completely awesome.

And yes. They were all very, very cool, and I got to meet them at the second show. : )
welcome!!! you are new here right? anywho apex kicks it live i've seen them 7 times..so far..luv em to death!!!!!!!!!
I saw them this past March, with AAF.
I've only seen them once but I loved every minute of it. It was at a big festival concert called BONZAI in Florida.