Find A Heart To Break In....Maybe Yours Tonight (ex_billycorg844) wrote in do_it_up,
Find A Heart To Break In....Maybe Yours Tonight

okay i'm crying again..but this time its happy tears
my boys aren't breaking up...and i'm crazy happy right now..heres what andy posted on thier website

Hello to all our true fans and supporters over the years. It is amazing to see such passion and commitment from you guys. It is just as amazing to see how fast wrong information can travel. That said, we as a band, are dealing with some internal issues
which is true to any type of relationship.
I can only be committed to the spirit and potential of our band at a time like this.
We have worked way too hard to allow false information to weaken us.
Again, I sincerely thank all of those people who have and will stand strong.
-The Apex Theory-
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