Find A Heart To Break In....Maybe Yours Tonight (ex_billycorg844) wrote in do_it_up,
Find A Heart To Break In....Maybe Yours Tonight

official apex theory news!!!!

they did not break up
they did altho give andy the big boot
and they are still auditioning singahs
as sammy dave and art are in the studio recording new material!!!
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any specific reason why Andy is gone...i've been wondering for quite a time not sure if u were aware...but andys an asshole!!! hahahaa no seriously,hes really arrogant and gives a shit about none but himself...when i asked why...all i got was "sarah,u know how he was" and yea.......thats how he was...hes had problems with them for the past year so its been boilin over time...and they dont even talk to him at all!!! but i cant wait to hear the new material and hell if i could sing i'd audition!!!
dont suppose theyd be interested in a 17 year old aspiring singer/writer who loves their band and is from NY...cough