Find A Heart To Break In....Maybe Yours Tonight (ex_billycorg844) wrote in do_it_up,
Find A Heart To Break In....Maybe Yours Tonight

so i just came back from los angeles...are u guys still with me?? i had to blow the dust of this shit before i posted..
l.a. was a blast and
lemme just tell all those out there who are really looking foward to the new apex theory material..
start doing your jumping jacks..because it blows the old shit joke..!!!
i cant wait
they still havent found a singer
they are working with art and he might become singer..trio!!...they will change the name but keep the logo
gimme your thoughts!
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weeeeee! that's awesome! i thought they had just called it a day. after last ozzfest i didn't hear about any new developments.

do they know what the new name will be?
no they havent decided on a name kinda sucks...i want them to keep apex theory...sigh...oh well.
yah me too. don't see anything wrong with apex theory at all. but who knows? as long as the music rocks. for all i care they can call themselves the buttmonkeys as long as the music's still good Arts voice good? i'm excited about new stuff from them no matter who the singer is though
yeah his voice is good....they are soo tight and put together 395749857 times better than they were before..i KNOW U WILL LOVE THE NEW STUFF..they already have a whole album written and ready to record they just need that singer
fucking yay!!!! damn man my friends and i cant wait..
YAY so that means youll do jumping jacks with me?!!!!!