Find A Heart To Break In....Maybe Yours Tonight (ex_billycorg844) wrote in do_it_up,
Find A Heart To Break In....Maybe Yours Tonight

good mornin!
this place still alive?

ive got good news..Apex theory is back together.....Art is the singer!!!!!!!!!!
how badass is that?? they played the roxy friday night. im pretty sure they are ganna change the name. but keep the logo..ill keep ya upated when i find out more...if u even care.

oh and for anyone whos wondering about Andy....he got his own thing going to...
check out his
im obbsessed with the song "keep on" he does with Dryden Mitchell

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That is the most BADASS thing!

spanks for making my day!


(I so forgot about this community.. oops)
Andy has a new band now they are called vokee they are going to have a website up soon at Also apex has been dropped from their label but they will try to get signed again which probably wont be a problem.
yeah i heard about his new band....have u heard the new stuff??